Announcing: Casting Signs Online Moon Magic Class!

Starsdance Astrology's Teri Parsley Starnes and ReclaimingPGH's Vasalisa the Witch are coming together to teach an online course that follows the moon through the Zodiac and teaches students how to use lunar cycles in magical workings.


Taking Action

After a year away from her blog, Vasalisa returns to share a personal experience in community from 2017 and reveal how she plans to take action during a time of national trauma.

Spark of Service

The creative process is riddled with peaks and lulls. As June ends and July begins, I am finding myself inspired by the warm glow of summer to reveal what I have created. Some pieces are new, others have been selected to be showcased at this time... My archive is in heat with new work that is ready to …


Becoming Unbound

Last night I had a vivid dream that I was laying in my childhood bed. The lights were dim and the room felt quiet, but there was a bustling around me. People I knew were interacting as they normally would. The atmosphere was not threatening. The bed I occupied turned into a warm bath and …


Creating Magic

  I have a vision of a community that is saturated with self-expression and I am committed to manifesting this idea. How many times have you sought out a piece of beauty in the world that reflects your true self? My work is made of semi-precious stones, wire, charms and chains that come together just for you. I specialize …


Cast Yourself

My name is Vasalisa and I am a Witch. More specifically, I'm a polytheist fusion of Reclaiming and Feri beliefs. I primarily work with Aphrodite, Loki, and Baba Yaga but often call upon (and celebrate) the deities of other pantheons. Many more pockets exist within the word that likely sticks out on this page; a whole collection of worlds with names, descriptions and categories …