This is a collection of potential connections. The internet has made it quite simple to discover what’s going on around us and below are the highlighted events that I wholeheartedly recommend. If it’s community, skill-building and magic you seek, keep scrolling..

Coming Up!

Reclaiming PGH Ritual Planning Cell Meeting


WHEN:     Sunday, December 3rd from 12:00pm – 4:00pm
WHERE:   Private Address (message for details!)
COST:   Donation

Interested in joining Reclaiming PGH’s Ritual Planning Cell? Come to our first meeting and:

– explore the benefits of learning Reclaiming-style ritual arts
– learn requirements and responsibilities of RPC members
– sink into the magic of this year’s theme
– plan the framework of the ritual year!

Does travel make it difficult to attend this meeting? Out of town but still interested? Contact Amoret. For more information about Reclaiming PGH and to stay up to date regarding future events, visit Reclaiming Pittsburgh’s Facebook Page.

Pearl Pentacle: Baba Yaga and the Power of Community


WHEN:     Friday, February 2nd – Sunday, February 4th
WHERE:   Pittsburgh PA
COST:   $100 – $300 sliding scale. You decide where you fall on the scale.

Pearl Pentacle: Baba Yaga and the Power of Community


Find your power in community. Light the way.

Class Prerequisite: Elements of Magic Reclaiming Core Class

A $50 deposit is required to reserve your space and full payment required by January 1, 2018. To register:

SAVE THE DATE: Iron Pentacle Core Reclaiming Class

iron teaser.jpg

WHEN:     Saturday, March 24th – Sunday, March 25th
WHERE:   Pittsburgh PA

Stay Tuned for more details about this upcoming class in 2018!


Previous Events

Back to the Hive: Reclaiming PGH Community Meeting

Photo Sep 12, 10 18 44 AM

WHEN:     Saturday, October 21st from 1:00pm – 5:00pm
WHERE:   2011 Noble Street, Pittsburgh PA
COST:   Donation

What do we mean by ritual community meeting? We will be doing the sacred work of planning and decision making for the November 1, 2017 – October 31, 2018 cycle. We will be casting, calling in the elements, doing trance, raising energy, etc. while making consensus decisions for the future of the Reclaiming Pittsburgh community.

Do you have an agenda item or proposal for the Reclaiming Pittsburgh Community for the November 1, 2017 – October 31, 2018 cycle? Is there a process, type of work, or discussion that you would like to see manifested? Visit Reclaiming Pittsburgh’s Facebook event for Back to the Hive to access the shared Google Document and share your ideas!”


An Evening of Galdr with Amoret


WHEN:     Tuesday, September 5th @ 7:30 / Tuesday, October 3rd @ 7:30 / Tuesday, November 7th @ 7:30
WHERE:   Shadyside, PA
COST:   $25

“Join our resident Rune Reader Amoret for an evening of Galdr, which in Old Norse originally meant “incantation”. She will share with us the basic meanings and associations of the Runes as well as how to work with their energy in the form of song. The Runes are an ancient system of Norse archetypes and they can help bring clarity and wisdom to our daily lives. As a group, we will chant and call to the Runes as our Sacred Allies in world healing. No singing experience necessary and all voices are welcome!

This will be an ongoing class, held the first Tuesday evening of each month. However you may join at any time and the classes do not necessarily build upon each other. Learn more about Amoret HERE. Please call Journeys of Life to reserve your spot as seating is limited.”


Tejas Witchcamp 2017 (REGISTRATION CLOSED)



WHEN:     Thursday, October 19th to Thursday, October 26th
WHERE:   Tejas, TX
COST:   $375 – $675 (financial assistance available)

“Tejas Web WitchCamp returns! October 19-26, in the Texas Hill Country, an intensive week between the worlds to create the sacred space of magical community.

Our intention for Tejas WitchCamp 2017: the voices of this Land call us to the crossroads. Guided by Hekate, we cultivate magical tools and deepen relationship with this Land to discover keys to transforming oppression and injustice.

At this WitchCamp we seek embodied magic: spellcraft, tool building, magical and practical activism, local place-based crafting, chant and dance and drumming, storytelling and transformative ritual.

Visit for details and online registration.”


Tending the Hive: The Fifth Core Reclaiming Class

Pentacle of Community

WHEN:     Friday, November 10 – Sunday, November 12th, 2017
WHERE:   Baltimore, MD
COST:   $85-$185 sliding scale

Calling on the magic of the hive, we step into a weekend of sacred trust and community building. We will work with our allies, the bees, and engage each other in honest communication, play, ritual, trance and spellwork as we explore what it takes to build and sustain healthy, vibrant communities. We will be remembering the magic of hive mind in community. Releasing illusions of total individuality, scarcity and separation, we will open our minds and our hearts to the nutritive beauty of flower pollen and interdependence. We will open our bodies to dance of healing, of touch – of the brushing of wings and soft down in the warmth of the hive. We will open our souls to the oracular wisdom songs of the hive, donning our veiled wings to travel between the worlds, bringing back nector to digest and create honey for changing and healing ourselves, our communities and the worlds.

Working with the points of the Pentacle of Community we will deepen into and balance Collaboration, Honour, Common Good, Power and Service. This class is the 5th Core Reclaiming class and is focused on creating community in the Reclaiming Tradition and its ally communities.”

You can discover more about this event on Facebook


Iron Pentacle: A Core Class in the Reclaiming Tradition


WHEN:    Friday, November 17 – Sunday, November 19, 2017
WHERE:   Floyd, VA
COST:   $250-$175* sliding scale

Greetings, Magical People!

Registration is officially OPEN for Iron Pentacle in Floyd, VA with Willow Kelly and Sheri Keller. Here’s all you need to know for now. Closer to the event, we will send out another letter with additional logistics, confirmations, etc. Follow the thread of this event on Facebook.

Please note – the DEADLINE to register is October 1, 2017!

Elements of Magic: Thru the Eyes of The Fool


WHEN:     Friday, October 6 – Saturday, October 7, 2017
WHERE:   Swissvale, PA
COST:   $165-$175 sliding scale

Join us for the first of the Reclaiming core classes as we explore the elements of magic-air, fire, water, earth, and spirit-using a variety of magical and ritual techniques and skills, including visualization, raising energy, divination, singing, trance, creating magical space, and ritual design. This class is experiential in nature.

In tarot the Fool card is number zero. It is the beginning and the end. The Fool embodies wonder, a free spirit, and a trust in the process. The Fool is adventure and unlimited potential. Come experience the Elements of Magic with the eyes (and heart) of the Fool!

To register for this event visit

SpiralHeart Witchcamp 2017

Photo Jul 14, 11 30 14 AM

WHEN:     Monday, July 10 – Sunday, July 16, 2017
WHERE:   Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary in Artemis, PA
COST:  $375 – $675 sliding scale

“Who is the lover you hold in your arms? Who turns in your hands to a snake, to a bear? Who is it turning to iron, red-hot? Whose is the need you risk everything for?”

Registration is now open for SpiralHeart Witchcamp 2017! This year we will be exploring the Tale of Tam Lin in sacred space for one full week in July.

Are you looking to do deep personal work in the depths of a forrest located in Pennsylvania? Do you ache for transformation, but feel uncertain of how to begin? Will you claim your role as an active agent of change as our world continues to shift and shift and shift?

Join us:



Tarot Readings, Coloring and a Night of Hogwarts Magic


WHEN:     Thursday, February 23rd from 6:30pm – 10pm
WHERE:   Beirport in Lawrenceville, PA
COST:   FREE to enter

All wizards are invited to tap into their whimsical, Trelawney-side with a night of fortune telling, and Harry Potter coloring. So relax with a butterbeer after a tough day at the Ministry—-who knows, maybe your future includes winning the lottery?!

Fortune Tellers Leslie McAllister and Vasalisa will be providing 10-15 minute readings for $10 (tips not required but greatly appreciated!) Stay up to date about this event via Facebook.

★ Reading the Season: Halloween Crafts and Tarot ★


WHEN:     Saturday, October 29th from 12:30pmpm – 3:30pm
WHERE:   Rickert & Beagle bookstore in Dormont, PA
COST:   FREE to enter

Join Vasalisa The Witch, The Perfect Fish and North Ave Candles for an afternoon of tarot readings, scents of the season and creepy, cute crafts right before Halloween in Dormont, PA. These three local craftresses will be offering:

★ Candles inspired by the fragrance of fall, children’s stories and the books that have been banned to promote awareness of these classic tales. Scents like “The Great Pumpkin” (pumpkin, crisp autumn leaves, and a hint of oak) burn for 45+ hours!

★ Dolls, finger puppets and jewelry that add crocheted charm to a season of scary stories. Wee gremlins like Vlad the Vampbunny and the Skelebunny make Halloween a good ‘ole cuddly time.

★ Pay-what-you-can tarot readings with your friendly, neighborhood witch. Whether it’s a tricky decision that requires more thought or a bird’s eye view of a confusing situation, ask the questions that tug at your attention to this seasoned soothsayer.

This event will be held at Rickert & Beagle: the perfectly strange and strangely perfect bookstore right on West Liberty Avenue. This venue will also give guests the opportunity to poke their nose in (and purchase!) rare and new titles.

★ Tarot readings will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Message Vasalisa The Witch to book your reading in advance!


Samhain: The Ancestors, The Descendants and Us


WHEN:     Saturday, October 29th from 5pm – 9pm
WHERE:   Monroe Shelter, South Park County Park, PA
COST:     Donation

We will strengthen and support our connections to our Beloved Dead and our ties within community. We will hold ourselves open as the conduit between our Ancestors and Descendants, be they of blood, spirit, or chosen family.

We’ll build a fire as a community, share stories of our ancestors, and send blessings to our descendants. Bring a snack to share, one that you connect with one of your ancestors. And/or dress in a way that connects you to those who have come before and those who are yet to be.

If you knew this ancestor you’ll have an opportunity to share a memory of them. If you never met them, or your memories are blurry, you’ll have an opportunity to share what you would create as a memory of them, something akin to, “If I’d met [blank] I would ask/say/do with them…”

For more information, visit the Reclaiming PGH event page!


The Neighborhood Flea – October Market


WHEN:     Sunday, October 9th from 11am to 4pm EST
WHERE:     23rd & Penn Avenue in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, PA
COST:      FREE to enter

Save the Date for the final Neighborhood Flea of the season! Join Vasalisa The Witch (featured seller for October) as she sells her wares at this local craft market. Neighborhood Flea is a vibrant, pop up urban marketplace offering an inspired shopping experience in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Flea Finds, Food Trucks, Baked Goods, Coffee, Vintage Wares, Handmade, Furniture, Local Services, Music, Friends & Fun.


Expanding Inward – The Five Truths of the Underworld


WHEN:     Thursday, Sepember 29th at 5 PM to Sunday, October 2 at 12 PM in CDT
WHERE:     Toddhall Retreat Center in Columbia, IL
COST:      $350 – $375

“Join Expanding Inward on a journey to the Underworld as guests of Hades, Lord of the realm and his Queen, Persephone. We are excited to offer the theme of the Five Truths of the Underworld, work inspired and originally developed by Cynthea Jones of Diana’s Grove and some of the most powerful work we know to empower release, healing and regeneration. Is there something you finally, finally have to let go of? Is there a wounded place in you that you thought could never heal? Come with us and you may, through the smoke of the fires of the Underworld, glimpse the version of you that can walk whole and clear and strong into the Spring. The depths are waiting…” (Quoted from Expanding Inward’s Event Page)


Baltimore Reclaiming – Ecstatic Techniques for Revolutionary Healers


WHEN:   Saturday, September 24th at 10 AM to Sunday, September 25th at 5 PM
WHERE:     Private office in midtown Baltimore, MD
COST:     Sliding scale $85-$185

“The times we face invite all of us to take on the mantle of Revolutionary Healers, whether our healing takes the form of art, witchcraft, activism, teaching, medicine, or another unique offering. As we do so, we have the opportunity to push back against disenchantment and commodification in the world by embracing ecstasy as a tool of liberation. Ecstasy provokes us into a state of embodied transcendence, where we are able to discover new things about our bodies, what Silvia Federici calls ‘its capacity for resistance, and expansion and celebration of its powers, individual and collective.’

In this two-day workshop, we will explore ecstatic techniques for the Revolutionary Healer. This is an invitation to take that holy risk of stepping into the circle in ways that feel deliciously daring. In what ways are you ready to trust the group, and yourself, and lean into your edges? How can you bring your most supportive presence and witnessing to the risk-taking of others? What new powers of your body and its capacity for ecstatic resistance against disenchantment are you ready to discover?” (Quoted from Baltimore Reclaiming Event Page)


Candle Magic with Phoenix


WHEN:     Wednesday, August 31st at 7:30pm PDT
WHERE:     Milk and Honey Metaphysical Store in Sebastopol, CA
COST:     Sliding Scale $10-$20

“Come and discover how to use candles to bring magic and power into your life. The use of candles in magic has a long history. Together we will learn a brief history of candles in magic, explore the different kinds of candles, and create our own magical spell.

The cost of the workshop includes a 7-day glass encased vigil candle, dressed, blessed, and ready for magic.” (Quoted from Milk and Honey’s Event Page)


Reclaiming Pittsburgh – Lammas Ritual


IMAGE: VasalisaTheWitch

WHEN:     Sunday, August 7 at 6 PM – 8:30 PM
WHERE:     Westinghouse Shelter in Schenley Park, PA
COST:      Donation

What is possible if we are genuinely seen? If we willingly bring forth our gifts and lay them as offering on the altar of life? Join us for Lammas and explore the answers to these questions! Reclaiming Pittsburgh offers open rituals to the greater community. All are welcome to come and co-create ritual with us as all levels of experience, from novice to long-timer, can participate. We are an inclusive community and do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion. For more information, visit this event page on Facebook


Spiralheart Witchcamp 2016


IMAGE: VasalisaTheWitch

WHEN:       July 11-17, 2016
WHERE:     Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary in Artemis, PA
COST:        TBD (see event listing for further details)

Spiralheart is hosting it’s 23rd annual Witchcamp in Artemis, PA! They will be using the story of Medusa as the focus of their magical workings, carrying out the intention:

“We seek the Monster’s Unflinching Gaze. We are willing to Look, and risk the Seeing. Striving to hold the divine and monstrous both, we turn the gaze outward. We listen deeply, as allies, and work together to dismantle Privilege and Oppression.”

Four path workshops will be offered: Unspelling Hopelessness – Embodied ActivismMusic and Magic – The art of SoundscapingRitual Energetics – The Power of PretendJustice and the Elements of Magic (core Reclaiming class) as well as group rituals, delicious meals, vendors and mystery yet to be unveiled. It’s a week full of transforming the Self and community with witches from all over the world. Spiralheart is dedicated to helping all interested parties attend camp, even if they cannot afford it financially. Discounts, scholarships and work-trade opportunities are available upon request.

To register or find out more information, visit Spiralheart’s website


Reclaiming Pittsburgh – Beltane Ritual

IMG_1409 (1)

IMAGE: VasalisaTheWitch

WHEN:      Saturday, May 7th from 6:30 til 8:30pm
WHERE:     Union Project in East Liberty, PA
COST:      Donation

Come celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year: spring is here in full bloom! Join us as we host this ritual at a new venue, working the intention: We delight and dance across the worlds. Reclaiming Pittsburgh offers open rituals to the greater community. All are welcome to come and co-create ritual with us as all levels of experience, from novice to long-timer, can participate. We are an inclusive community and do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion. For more information, visit this event page on Facebook

The Union Project does not endorse the views of organizations, groups or individuals that rent space at the Union Project

 SJWW (Social Justice Witches Working) – Boko Haram


IMAGE: VasalisaTheWitch


WHEN:       February 13 at midnight* (time varies depending on location)
WHERE:     Everywhere
COST:        Free

The terrorist group known as Boko Haram is wreaking havoc on the African nation. Linked to multiple acts of kidnapping, rape, robbery and murder, the Pittsburgh-based witch known as Boneweaver has organized a world-wide spell to bring Boko Haram to justice with the help of witches from all over the world. The BBC has reported that snakes and bees have caused these terrorists to flee from their camps and this time-sensitive energetic working intends to add strength to the work of these creatures. 

This event is a featured topic on The Wild Hunt’s website, click here to read about it! To be a part of this event (or find out more information) visit Facebook


Pay-What-You-Can Tarot Readings

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

WHEN:      February 9th from 4:30 til 6:30pm
WHERE:     Biddle’s Escape in Point Breeze, PA
COST:      Donation

Is there something happening in your life that requires some extra perspective? Are you aching for a stronger connection to spirit? Do you desire a deep conversation about archetypes, synchronicity and mysticism? Join me, Vasalisa, for a cup of tea at this cozy, eclectic coffee shop just outside the city of Pittsburgh. All readings are donation-based, perfect for any budget!


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