About Vasalisa


Crafty. Fancy. Swift. Vasalisa is a pioneer that dives straight into the black heart of mystery.

Identifying as a Reclaiming and Feri witch, she is an advocate of living by the code of one’s own personal truths. Innovative and resourceful, Vasalisa makes the most of the tools on the table to manifest her visions of obscure beauty. She creeps closer to understanding her true nature through her work as an astrologer, collage artist, tarot reader, photographer, and jewelry-maker.

She strives to inspire the world around her to embrace authenticity through creativity.

She is a co-founder of Reclaiming Pittsburgh and working on her Reclaiming Initiation through the Bone and Briar line. She is also one of the resident tarot readers at the Arts and Crafts Botannica occult shop in the business district of Garfield and facilitates workshops online as well as in-person on the topics of tarot, astrology, Reclaiming practices and general witchery. Visit the events section of her website to stay up to date!

This soothsayer also enjoys: running through the Forrest, flowing skirts, the intimacy that comes with true friendship and making up songs about daily life. She currently resides in a colorfully decorated home that she shares with her partner and two cats located in Pittsburgh, PA.

You can also find Vasalisa on Facebook sharing her goods, services and magic with the world.



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